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1st International Conference
«Endogenous activity of the Earth and biosocial processes» (GeoBio2014)

In harmony with the Earth!


The scientific program of GeoBio2014 encompasses a wide range of issues related to the studies of geological impact on the environment and humans. The Conference will become an interdisciplinary platform for geologists, geophysicists, chemists, biologists, climatologists, soil experts, ecologists, medical specialists.

Apart from the scientific value the topics of the program are socially oriented as they are aimed at developing optimal solutions for maintaining healthcare, creating a safe environment especially in the areas of geological risk and minimizing the consequences of catastrophic events.

We would like to invite commercial organizations involved in the research work as well as development and sales of laboratory and field equipment and software to join the Conference as Partners.

We will be glad to offer Partner companies a number of opportunities in the frames of the Conference that will range from actual participation in the Conference sessions to various ways of presenting the company’s products to a wide audience of specialists.

For Partnership opportunities please contact:
Ilya Gudovich
Tel.: +7 916 528 71 05