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Federal Agency of Mineral Resources - ROSNEDRA

For formation of effective system and structure of federal executive authorities the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2004 No. 314 "About system and structure of federal executive authorities" installed the system of federal executive authorities consisting of the federal ministries, federal services and federal agencies. This Decree to Federal Agency for Subsoil Management transferred law-enforcement functions, functions on rendering the state services and in management of property in the sphere of subsurface use of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation.

According to the provision on the Federal Agency for Subsoil Management, the approved resolution of the government of the Russian Federation of 17.07.2004.№293, the Federal Agency for Subsoil Management carries out the following powers in the established field of activity: carries out in an order and the limits determined by federal laws, acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, power of the owner concerning the federal property necessary for ensuring execution of functions of federal public authorities in established by point 1 of the present Situation for a field of activity, including the property transferred to the federal state unitary enterprises, federal state institutions and the state enterprises subordinated to Agency.

will organize:

  • state geological studying of a subsoil;
  • examination of projects of geological studying of a subsoil;
  • carrying out in accordance with the established procedure geological and economic and cost assessment of mineral deposits and sites of a subsoil;
  • carrying out in accordance with the established procedure competitions and auctions on a right of use of a subsoil;
  • carrying out state examination of information on explored reserves of minerals, geological, economic information on sites of a subsoil provided in using;

carries out:

  • reference of stocks of minerals to standard or
  • to sub-standard stocks, and also definition of standards of the content of the minerals remaining in overburden, containing (impoverishing) breeds, in dumps or in waste of mining and processing production, by results of the feasibility study on operational standards for calculation of explored reserves;
  • granting in using for a payment of geological information on the subsoil, received as a result of the state geological studying of a subsoil;
  • issue of the conclusions about lack of minerals in a subsoil under a site of the forthcoming building and permission to implementation of building of the areas of a bedding of minerals, and also placement in places of their bedding of underground constructions;
  • organizational support of licensing of using subsoil;
  • the accounting of arriving demands for obtaining licenses, informing of executive authorities of appropriate subjects of the Russian Federation on them;
  • making decisions on granting a right of use by sites
  • subsoil in an order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • making decisions on the statement of results of competitions or auctions on a right of use of sites of a subsoil in an order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • delivery, registration and registration of licenses for using subsoil;
  • modification and additions in licenses for using sites of a subsoil, and also renewal of licenses;
  • acceptance, including on representation of Federal Nature Management Supervision Service and other authorized bodies, decisions on the early termination, stay and restriction of a right of use with sites of a subsoil;
  • introduction of representations to executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation by the concrete size of a rate of regular payment for using a subsoil on each site of a subsoil, on using which the license is granted;
  • determination of the concrete size of a rate of regular payment for using a subsoil on each site which is on a continental shelf of the Russian Federation, in an exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation or outside the Russian Federation in the territories which are under jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, and also rented at the foreign states or used on the basis of the international treaty (if other isn't established by the international treaty), within the minimum and maximum rates established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • consideration and coordination of project and technical documentation on development of mineral deposits;
  • maintaining the state inventory of fields and manifestations of minerals and the state balance of stocks of minerals, providing in accordance with the established procedure statements of stocks of minerals on the state balance and their write-off from the state balance;
  • maintaining the state account and ensuring maintaining the state register of works on geological studying of a subsoil, sites of the subsoil provided for mining, and also for, not connected with their production, and licenses for using a subsoil;
  • carries out functions of the main manager and the recipient of means of the federal budget provided on the maintenance of Agency and realization of functions assigned to it;
  • holds in accordance with the established procedure competitions and signs the state contracts on placement of orders for delivery of goods, performance of work, rendering services, on carrying out research, developmental and technological works for the state needs;
  • carries out the economic analysis of activity of the subordinated state unitary enterprises and approves economic indicators of their activity, carries out in the subordinated organizations inspections of Financial and economic activity and use of a property complex;
  • carries out functions of the state customer federal target, scientific and technical and innovative about gram and projects in the Agency field of activity;
  • will organize a reception of citizens, provides timely and complete examination of oral and written addresses of citizens, adoption of decisions on them and the direction to applicants of answers in time established by the legislation;
  • interacts in accordance with the established procedure with public authorities of the foreign states and the international organizations in the established field of activity;
  • provides mobilization preparation of Agency, and also control and coordination of activity of the organizations which were under its authority on mobilization preparation;
  • will organize vocational training of civil servants, their retraining, professional development and training;
  • carries out according to the legislation work on completing, storage, the account and use of the archival documents formed as a result of activity of Agency;
  • provides within the competence protection of the data which are the state secret;
  • will organize the congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other actions in the Agency field of activity;
  • carries out other functions on management of the state property and rendering the state services in the established field of activity if such functions are provided by federal laws, regulations of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Agency on Mineral Resources for realization of powers in the established field of activity has the right to make to legal entities and individuals explanations on the questions carried to a field of activity of Agency.

Head of ROSNEDRA - Valery А. Pak

123995, Moscow, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya str., 4/6, Д-242, CITY SERVICE MAIL-5


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Институт физики Земли

The Schmidt Physics Institute of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPE RAS)

IPE RAS is one of the most prominent centers of global and national geophysics. It performs a wide range of fundamental and applied research of physics of the Earth. The Institute, founded in 1928, is one of the oldest scientific institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It has built renowned academic schools in geophysics, seismology, experimental geophysics and geo-electromagnetic research.

IPE is proud to have among its members academicians A.O. Gliko, C. A. Fedotov, V.N. Strahov and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences Y. N. Avsyuk, E.V. Artyushkov, A.D. Gvishiani, A.V. Nikolaev, G.A. Sobolev, V. P. Trubitsyn, 116 doctors of science and 185 candidates of science. The academic staff of IPE consists of 663 persons.

The Institute plays a leading part in studying physical processes in the Earth’s interior, developing models of dynamics and internal structure of the Earth, studying seismicity of the Earth and physics of seismic focuses, seismic zoning, developing the theory and information technology of interpreting geophysical data. IPE specialists study physical fields of the Earth, aspects of paleomagnetism and magnetic properties of earth materials, develop methods of geophysical monitoring for predicting natural and human-induced hazards, investigate problems of geogenesis and early history of the Earth. They also hold systematic research in mathematical geophysics and create databases and databanks on physics of the Earth, solar-terrestrial physics and environmental geology.

These aspects of fundamental research in the geophysical field comprise the main scientific interests of the Institute, stated in its charter:

  • observational and experimental geophysics;
  • deep structure of the Earth, physical and chemical properties of earth materials, interaction of geospheres, their nature and interpretation;
  • comparative planetology and early evolution of the Earth;
  • modern geodynamics, strain of the Earth’s crust, seismicity, seismic zoning and prediction, natural and human-induced hazards;
  • mathematical geophysics, applied geophysics and information technology.

Director of IPE RAS – Sergey A. Tikhotsky

CITY SERVICE MAIL-5, 242, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya str., 10-1, Moscow 123995, Russia

(499) 766-26-56
Fax.: (499) 766-26-54


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All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO)

The All-Russian research institute of hydrogeology and engineering geology (VSEGINGEO) is the largest and only in Russia specialized research, methodological and skilled and experimental federal institute in the field of hydrogeology, engineering geology, geocryology and geoecology.

  • regional hydrogeological, engineering-geological, geocryologic and geoecological works and mapping of the territory of the Russian Federation for rational environmental management, ensuring ecological safety and development of mineral resources of the country;
  • studying, assessment and forecast of a condition of resources and operational stocks of underground waters of various type (fresh, mineral, heat power) and prospects of their use; studying of conditions of interrelation of an underground and surface water and protection them from pollution and exhaustion; assessment of water resources in basins of the rivers;
  • creation and improvement of system of the State Monitoring of a Condition of a Subsoil (SMCS);
  • researches of mechanisms and regularities of development of dangerous geological processes;
  • seismogeodynamic researches and forecast of earthquakes;
  • examination of declarations of safety of hydraulic engineering constructions (GTS).

As a whole, the institute provides the solution of the following major tasks:

  • justification of adoption of strategic decisions on an assessment of a condition of resources and stocks of underground waters, and also actions for protection against dangerous and catastrophic geological processes;
  • engineering-geological and hydrogeological ensuring needs of civil engineering and requirements of army during military operations
  • control and special (nuclear and physical, isotope, geodynamic works) for the prevention and elimination of consequences of natural and technogenic catastrophes.

In recent years the institute developed Strategic Programs of geological studying, reproduction and use of resource base of drinking underground waters (2003), Mineralnye, heat power and industrial waters (2004) till 2010, including program actions and objects of prospecting works on subjects of the Russian Federation. Hydrogeological division into districts of the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out. It is developed more than 30 scientific development of all-branch value directed on the solution of tasks of rational use and protection of the geological environment of Russia, according to a condition of mineral resources of resources and stocks of all types of underground waters, on scientific methodically ensuring protection of underground waters from pollution and exhaustion.

VSEGINGEO regularly carries out short-term and operational forecasts of development of the dangerous geological processes, used for planning of actions for protection of the population and economic objects of territories with intensive manifestation of OGP.

VSEGINGEO has the accredited laboratory base, unique technological development in the field of chemical analysis and nuclear and physical methods of researches. The institute is equipped modern geophysical and boring the equipment, other special technical means.

There are a licensed special department, geological funds and scientific and technical library.

Director VSEGINGEO – Vladimir S. Krupoderov

Russia, 142452, Moscow Region, Noginsk District, Setl Zelyony, Nizhegorodskoye Shosse, 31-st km

(495) 521-20-00
Fax: (495) 521-09-50



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All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials named after NM Fedorov (FSUE SIMS)

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “The All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials of N.M.Fedorovsky” (Federal State Unitary Enterprise VIMS) is the MPR leading organization of Russia and Federal Agency for Subsoil Management in the field of ore geology, studying of mineral resources and scientific and methodical ensuring works on the forecast, searches and an assessment of fields of uranium, scarce types of black, alloying, non-ferrous and rare metals, and also in the field of development and improvement of complex mineralogical and analytical methods of research of mineral raw materials, technologies of its enrichment and processing.

he institute carries out functions of the Federal scientific and methodical center of laboratory researches and certification of mineral raw materials of MPR of Russia, conducts work of interdepartmental scientific councils on analytical (NSAM), mineralogical (NSOMMI) and technological (NSOMTI) to methods of researches.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise VIMS carries out organizational support of activity of the Central commission on development of fields of firm minerals of Federal Agency for Subsoil Management (TsKR-TPI of Rosnedra).

Together with chair of geology of mineral deposits of Public Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Russian State Prospecting University of a Name of Sergo Ordzhonikidze of Federal State Unitary Enterprise VIMS I formed the scientific and educational center "Ore Geology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry".

The activity of institute is aimed to the development of mineral resources of the country – a basis of its industrial, power, military and economic potentials.

Director of FSUE "SIMS" - Gregory A. Mashkovtsev

119017, Moscow, Staromonetnyiy lane., 31. FSUE "SIMS"
Tel. / Fax:  (495) 951-50-43, 959-34-47




Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements (FSUE IMGRE)

The institute of mineralogy, geochemistry and crystal chemistry of rare elements (IMGRE) was created 55 years ago in system of Academy of Sciences of the USSR as the specialized research organization for studying of mineral resources of rare metals in the former Soviet Union and foreign countries. The main tasks of this direction were and remain actual today:

This studying mineralo-geochemical rational environmental management, innovations and education. of features of ores of rare elements; genesis research rare metal of objects and regularities of their placement; development of new technologies of enrichment and processing of rare metal raw materials, geological and economic monitoring of mineral resources of rare elements in Russia and the world.

The last 25 years of Federal State Unitary Enterprise IMGRE – basic institute of geological service of Russia on rare elements and on multi-scale expected and search geochemical works.

Today IMGRE is innovative technologies of studying and reproduction of MSB of rare metals in Russia, the CIS and the world. It is the multi-purpose geochemical mapping of territories based on approbation and the analysis of the main environments: breed – the soil – vegetation – water – the atmosphere – the person.

These are the modern expected and search geological and geochemical complexes original and widely approved in practice, and also new receptions of an assessment of influence of the industrial and mining enterprises on environment.

These are new methods of preparation of geochemical tests (including allocation of superthin lungs and heavy fractions) with their subsequent analysis by precision analytical methods. Creation of polyelement geochemical cards of different function and complex physics - geological and geochemical interpretation of data is made by means of the original computer GEOSCAN programs, EKOSKAN, GEOPOLE which are property of IMGRE. environmental protections, energy efficiency, rational environmental management, innovations and education.

Director of FSUE "IMGRE" - Alexander Kremenetsky

121357, Russia, Moscow, Veresaeva str., 15
Tel.: (495) 443-84-28
Fax: (495) 443-90-43


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Фонд имени Вернадского

Non-Governmental Ecological Foundation named after V.I. Vernadsky

On August 1, 1995 at the Meeting of Founders of JSC Gazprom was made the decision of Fund creation.

Strategic objective of Fund creation is the achievement of the sustainable ecologically focused social and economic development of society on the basis of scientific heritage of the academician V. I. Vernadsky.

The movement of mankind to a sustainable development eventually will lead to formation of the sphere of reason (noosphere) predicted by V. I. Vernadsky when cultural wealth and knowledge of the person living in harmony with environment becomes a criterion of national and individual wealth (from "The concept of transition of the Russian Federation to a sustainable development")

  • Formation of a world outlook basis of the responsible relation of society to world around;
  • Promotion of the fundamental principles of a sustainable development;
  • Assistance to development and promoting of scientific heritage of the academician V. I. Vernadsky;;
  • Ecological support of national projects;
  • Improvement and increase of efficiency of nature protection activity in the Russian Federation;
  • Association of efforts of the Russian society in the solution of environmental problems;
  • Expansion of the international cooperation of Fund in social and economic development, environmental protection, energy efficiency, rational environmental management, innovations and education.

President of the Foundation - Vladimir A. Grachev

Udaltsov str., 44
Mailing address: 119017, 119017, Moscow, p / 111.
Tel .: .: (495) 953-75-62, (495) 953-72-94


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Russian Geological Society (RosGeo) 

The public organization the Russian geological society (ROSGEO) unites over 2500 individual members in many regions of Russia, 52 regional offices, Interdepartmental council on museum activity, Central office on the geological movement for children and young people.

Main goal of ROSGEO is association of efforts of geologists on enhancement of mineral raw material resources of the country, assistance to development of domestic science, protection of interests and the rights of experts.

Society is opened for all persons and the organizations, is ready to give constant help to the members.

President of RosGeo - Viktor P. Orlov

Russia, 115191, Moscow, 2nd Roshchinskaya str. 10

Tel. / Fax:  (495) 952-67-00, (495) 952-67-11
(495) 954-96-22 (Accounting), (495) 952-69-33


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