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1st International Conference
«Endogenous activity of the Earth and biosocial processes» (GeoBio2014)

In harmony with the Earth!

Scientific Program

The scientific program of GeoBio2014 will cover the following topical areas: 

  • Fundamental and theoretical basis of endogenous activity of the Earth
  • Endogenous activity of the Earth and evolution of the biosphere
  • Endogenous activity of the Earth and climate change
  • Medical geology
  • Geophysical aspects of geopolitical, psychological and ecological and social processes
  • Degassing of earth and related processes in the geosphere, biosphere and atmosphere
  • Information technologies for evaluation, forecasting, research and prevention of effects of endogeodynamic factors on the man-made and natural objects.

The leading Russian and international scientists will give lectures on these topics.
Delegates will be able to see special equipment and software used in different areas of geological studies as well as professional literature at the exhibition in the frames of the Conference.   

Conference working schedule:
lectures – 30 minutes, talks - 20 minutes.
Poster session will be organized for those delegates whose talks will not be included in the oral scientific program.